Trump's lawyers slammed by CNN's Toobin for 'parade of lies' about Biden's involvement in Ukraine
Jeffrey Toobin -- CNN screengrab

On CNN Monday, chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin argued that the White House team's defense in the impeachment trial was disastrously bad.

"I thought Attorney General [Pam] Bondi did an effective job of showing how sleazy the hiring of Hunter Biden was," acknowledged Toobin. However, he added "her discussion, and Eric Herschmann's discussion, of the role of Joe Biden, vice president at the time, was a parade of lies. Just outrageously false in every fact, in every insinuation ... this idea that he engineered the fire firing of [Ukrainian prosecutor] Viktor Shokin to get his son in. Since Joe Biden is the one who is running for president, that seems to be enormously important."

"The third point, which neither Bondi nor Herschmann addressed, is why was the president obsessed, concerned with this issue of alleged corruption in Ukraine instead of any other issue," continued Toobin. "Why then? Why in July of 2019? The idea that his only interest in corruption was to damage politically a likely rival of his for president, that went completely unaddressed. Particularly today, of all days, when the issue was the withholding of hundreds of millions of dollars just to find out, to obtain an investigation of the Bidens. That issue went completely unmentioned. All of us knew this was coming and it came in about the package we expected."

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