Trump’s poll numbers have tanked in the last month — and even his supporters agree he broke the law: report
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump excitedly promoted his 51 percent approval, though he didn't say what that approval was for.

As it turns out, 51 percent of Americans support removing Trump from office, a new CNN poll showed. The number prompted a flood of people talking about the 51 percent on Twitter Monday afternoon.

It's a shocking number that even President Bill Clinton didn't have to contend with when he was impeached.

At no time did Clinton drop below 50 percent favorability during his impeachment trial. After it was over, Clinton topped 73 percent approval.

Trump, by contrast, is struggling to hold himself over 40 percent approval. At the same time, people are leaning more toward removing the president from office. Sadly, for Trump, 57 percent of Americans don't approve of the way he's been handling the impeachment and only 38 percent approve.

The new CNN poll shows a shocking increase over the same poll one month ago. "Net support for removing Trump from office is up 8 points since mid-December," pointed out Virginia state senate chief of staff Matt Rogers.

To make matters worse, even Republicans and Trump's supporters agree what the president did was wrong and he likely is guilty of the crimes he's accused. On the first article, whether Trump abused the power of his office, 58 percent agreed he's guilty (41 percent disagree). On the second article, whether Trump obstructed justice, 57 percent believe Trump is guilty (39 percent disagree).

Unfortunately for Trump, a massive 74 percent of Americans said they were paying attention to the impeachment trial. Americans also don't like the way Republicans are handling the impeachment, to the tune of 54 percent. Only 39 percent approve. While disapproval for Democrats is still at 50 percent, approval for Democrats has increased in the last month to 46 percent.

A whopping 67 percent of people polled said that Russia is either a very serious or moderately serious threat. Only 14 percent of people said that Russia isn't a threat at all, meaning even Republicans agree Russia is a threat to the United States.

Read the full poll at CNN.