Watch Adam Schiff hilariously breaks down expected arguments from ‘thin-skinned’ Trump’s impeachment lawyers
House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (screengrab)

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) ridiculed the legal defense team representing President Donald Trump during his impeachment during the end of opening arguments by House impeachment managers.

Trump previewed the defense he suggested Republicans would mount.

Schiff said he expected Republicans to complain about the process as he ridiculed Republican talking points.

He also noted that Trump doesn't like to be mocked, as he continued to ridicule the president's defense.

"I discovered something very significant by mocking the president," Schiff explained. "And that is, for a man who loves to mock others, he does not like to be mocked."

"As it turns out, he has a pretty thin skin, who would've thought," Schiff concluded.