WATCH: Prince Harry explains why he and Meghan are leaving the royal family -- but promises 'a life of service'
POOL/AFP / Andy Stenning The Queen has demanded that staff work with Harry and Meghan to urgently find a "workable solution" that would take into account their demands for more freedom

Prince Harry posted a video from an HIV/AIDS fundraiser his mother once supported, where he explained his methodology for leaving his profile role as a royal.

"I will continue to be the same man who holds his country dear," said Harry.

He went on to say that he doesn't intend to walk away and he certainly won't walk away from his causes and interests. "We intend to live a life of service."

In the speech, he thanked those who took him under their wing in the absence of his mother

"I hope you can understand that it's what it had come to," he said for why their family intends to step back.

He went on to say he hopes not just to take a step back, but to "take a step forward to a more peaceful life."

Both he and Meghan have been brutally attacked in the British press from the day that the two married. As a divorced, African-American actress, Meghan was never likely to earn the approval of the British people. Former King Edward VIII similarly fell for an American actress. When he stepped back, he not only walked away from the monarchy but he abdicated his title as king.

Meghan has been accused of everything from pulling Harry and Prince William apart to destroying the British monarchy and a slew of other outrageous claims about her and her family, her appearance, her relationship with Harry and more. Harry, who was never one to embrace his royal title, to begin with, has stood by his wife every step of the way.

Watch his full speech in the video below: