'We always reap what we sow': Senate chaplain delivers blistering impeachment benediction
Barry Black

The Senate chaplain warned lawmakers on Friday to follow the golden rule, which many viewers interpreted as an admonishment of Republicans’ impeachment defense of President Donald Trump.

Barry Black, the chaplain since 2003, delivered the opening benediction Friday before a Republican majority was expected to vote against hearing additional witness testimony, despite another bombshell from former national security adviser John Bolton.

"You have summarized ethical behavior in a single sentence," Black said. "Do for others what you would like them to do for you."

He then seemed to take aim at GOP senators in his prayer.

"Remind our senators that they alone are accountable to you for their conduct," Black said. "Lord help them to remember, that they can't ignore you and get away with it. For we always reap what we sow."

Many viewers praised Black for what they saw as a implicit condemnation of Republicans.