West Point cadet busted crowdfunding travel fare for adult film star to be his date to a service academy dance
West Point, New York - August 30, 2019: Groups of Army cadets in formation holding rifles and marching on the West Point Military Academy parade field (Photo By Alan Budman/Shutterstock)

On Tuesday, the military news website Task & Purpose reported that a cadet at the United States Military Academy West Point tried to bring a porn star to the academy's Yearling Winter Weekend banquet — and launched a campaign on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe to raise $1,200 for airfare and lodging for his supposed date.

"Diamond Foxxx agreed to go to Y dubs with me if I can pay for her plane ticket and hotel room," posted the unidentified cadet, who went by the username "Mr. Krabs." "Problem is I'm on the yuk payroll and I have no money. Please help a young boy's dream come true."

According to Task & Purpose, the crowdfunding campaign raised a number of potential ethics concerns, including that members of the U.S. military are not permitted to use their official positions to solicit money.

The page had raised $370 before the cadet locked it down, telling donors, "Some cadets and officers were discomforted by the effort to bring Diamond Foxxx to YWW, so I was advised with those with much higher rank than me to discontinue the campaign and inform the actress I can no longer bring her." The cadet has requested to remain anonymous so as to avoid prospective employers from seeing his name on a Google search with the words "West Point" and "porn star."

Diamond Foxxx was unavailable for comment.