White House lawyers' defense of Trump was 'grossly misleading and a violation of ethical duties': Preet Bharara
Preet Bharara appears on HBO with Bill Maher/Screenshot

On CNN Tuesday, former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara pointed out that if White House lawyers had any advance knowledge of former National Security Adviser John Bolton's testimony, they had an ethical obligation not to hide it from the Senate.

"There is ... an ethical question," said Bharara. "They were asked today in a briefing, where they had a source, who was asked the question, did you review the manuscript, and they said no, we didn't review the manuscript. They were then asked where you briefed on the contents of the manuscript and they said, that's all we're going to say."

"So they made arguments in the well of the Senate floor that said there's no witness — essentially, there's no witness who can say or has said that the president of the United States told them that they were linking aid to these investigations of the Bidens, and that might be, depending on your view, technically true to the letter," said Bharara. "But it's grossly misleading, and, I think, a violation of ethical duties."

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