White nationalist speaker heckled for denying Holocaust at Virginia gun march: 'You are literally a neo-Nazi'
Jovanni Valle who goes by Jovi Val appears at gun march in Richmond, Virgnina (Twitter/screen grab)

A white nationalist speaker who has been affiliated with neo-Nazi rhetoric was caught on video denying the Holocaust at a pro-Second Amendment march in Richmond, Virginia.

The remarks were made by former Proud Boy Jovanni Valle, who goes by the name Jovi Val. Video clips of Valle's speech were shared on Twitter by writer Robert Evans.

"You wear a swastika and walk down the street," a man can be heard telling Valle. "You took it off and now you are like, oh no. You are denying the existence of the Holocaust."

"Why should I answer your questions when you haven't answered any of mine?" Valle asks. "Why is it you say 6 million [died in the Holocaust], when 30 million die, when 70 million die, you don't care."

"You're trying to hide the fact that you are literally a neo-Nazi!" someone shouts at Valle.

A right-wing protester is later seen complaining to Valle that supporting Adolf Hitler is a "liberal" position.

Watch some of the clips below.