Why did Mike Bloomberg's campaign just tweet the mayor as a meatball? The internet is seriously confounded
Midtown Comics photo of Spiderman and Mike Bloomberg

A dripping meatball sub or a massive piece of pizza folded in half are staples in New York City, but in a tweet from former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign team has even Italian food connaisseurs scratching their heads.

Bloomberg isn't competing in early primary and caucus states and instead has been running over $100 million in advertising for "super Tuesday" primary states, including California.

The strange tweet brought questions, but naturally, it brought mockery from anti-Bloomberg Twitter users. Some proposed other options for large brown lumps of things that they consider to be Bloomberg. Others were grateful for the moment of humor as another Democratic debate dragged on. Some said they'd like to eat Bloomberg. There were even some who recalled the classic "Saturday Night Live" skit for Schweddy Balls. Finally, there are the conspiracy theorists who believe this tweet was to get the internet to talk about Bloomberg during the debate.

You can see the responses to the tweet below: