A white Trump supporter sent me an email that used the term 'colored' -- so I called him up on the phone
Milwaukee, Wisconsin / USA - January 14th, 2020: Many supporters of 45th United States American President Donald Trump attended the Make America Great Again Rally at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.

The email from Mr. B did not particularly stand out. Like many, he took issue with a column I had written explaining why African Americans would vote for Mike Bloomberg over Donald Trump in a presidential matchup.“Im glad your the voice for all of the American colored population. #TRUMP2020,” he wrote, exactly how it is printed.After reading it, I did what I always do when I receive emails containing racial epithets or other hateful remarks.“Don’t bother emailing me again,” I fired back. “The use of ‘colored’ crossed the line. You’re blocked.”But Mr. B’s response was different from the combati...

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