'Acquittal doesn't mean innocence': #AmericansFindTrumpGuilty hashtag compares Trump to OJ Simpson
A bullish President Donald Trump warns China of an even deeper trade war ahead of a G20 summit where he will meet President Xi Jinping

Angry Americans took to Twitter Wednesday after a partisan group of Republicans ensured President Donald Trump was acquitted of his admitted crimes. At the same time, Republicans complained there wasn't enough evidence and then prevented further evidence being called.

It's for this reason that many on Twitter believe that Trump will never be exonerated of his impeachment.

Trump demands absolute loyalty from Republicans, but one problem he faced was a bipartisan acquittal when there was the first-ever bipartisan conviction vote.

Other than the frustration, some were able to use the vote as an opportunity to call on Americans to continue to fight for a more perfect union.

It was one of many points made by those on Twitter. You can see their responses below: