‘All hands on deck?’: Reporter blasts Trump and cabinet for plans to speak at right wing conference and ignoring coronavirus
President Donald Trump hugged the US flag as he arrived to speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. (AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM)

A famed New York Times reporter is taking President Donald Trump and many of his cabinet members to task for their plan to speak at a right wing political conference this weekend as the administration ignores and fumbles its response to the deadly coronavirus. Even a top administration official is warning that coronavirus is on track to becoming a pandemic.

Former Politico chief investigative reporter Ken Vogel, who now reports on money in politics and conflicts of interest for The New York Times, took to Twitter Wednesday, blasting the Trump administration.

Nearly two dozen Trump administration officials, Vogel says, are scheduled to speak at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Vogel didn't stop there. He named a total of 20 top Trump administration officials, including the President and Vice President, adding he's never seen this much partisan politicization of any president's cabinet.

Vogel actually left out top Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow, bringing the total of current Trump administration officials to 21. That number does not include the president's son, several people from his campaign, and former administration officials.