Black Republican buries GOP senators for pocketing 'brazen political payoffs' while acquitting Trump

John Meredith, a Republican who previously worked as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, has written a brutal column slamming members of his party for letting President Donald Trump off the hook during his Senate impeachment trial.

In a column for, Meredith ran through how Trump has subverted the entire American justice system through pardons of supporters like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, ordering his own officials to not comply with subpoenas, and intervening in the sentencing recommendations of ally Roger Stone.

"In other words, the faithful administration of justice is functionally impossible in America today," he argues. "What remains is the illusion of justice."

Meredith then takes Republican senators to task for shrugging off Trump's abuses of the criminal justice system and further enabling his assault on the rule of law.

"Upon further reflection, the plethora of openly brazen political payoffs to partisan Senate jurors for the willful violation of their impeachment oaths, is the worst element of Donald Trump’s assault on truth and justice. One documented example of this flagrant miscarriage of justice occurred only days after the vote for acquittal when Senator Lisa Murkowski miraculously landed a $20 million U.S. Department of Transportation grant for 'port infrastructure development' in her home state of Alaska," he writes.

Read the whole column here.