CNN anchor: It was ‘stupid’ to report rumor of campaign aides saying Biden might file injunction against Iowa results
John King

CNN's John King Tuesday afternoon reported live on-air he was receiving messages from aides of rival campaigns that Vice President Joe Biden was considering filing an injunction against the release of the results from Monday's Iowa Caucuses.

Citing the "the breaking news rush," King is now calling his decision to report those rumors was "stupid."

King is correct.

The Biden campaign quickly denied the rumors:

But King's irresponsible sharing of the rumors fueled articles in the right wing media echo system. Also fueling the incorrect information was the GOP's Rapid Response Director, Steve Guest, wrongly characterizing then amplifying the false – or at best, unproven – claim.

"Some of the other campaigns, I'm looking at messages," King told viewers as he read them in real time. "I'm looking to messages to aides from other campaigns who said they are hearing that the Biden campaign is going to file an injunction."

"We don't know that that's true," King properly added.

Right wing websites including Town Hall, RedState, and Hot Air all published articles inaccurately characterizing King's remarks, with titles like:

CNN: Biden Considering Filing Injunction Against Iowa Results

Biden lost, right? Update: Injunction? Update: Biden

Biden Campaign Hints That It May Seek Court Order to Stop Partial Release of Caucus Vote Tallies

On social media many are still pushing the false information.

But the damage has been done.

King called it "stupid." Given how predictable it is that right wing media would twist his irresponsible reporting, he's right.

Later, chances are right wing websites and pundits will attack CNN as "fake news," despite falsely interpreting his remarks.

UPDATE: Of course, they already have. (We will not link to it.)