Coronavirus closing polling places in China — the 2020 Democratic Primary will be held online: report
(Photo: Shutterstock)

COVID-19 coronavirus is already impacting the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination contest.

"US citizens living in China have been told they won’t be able to cast their votes in person for the Democratic primary next month and will instead need to vote online, according to Democrats Abroad, the group in charge of overseeing voting overseas," BuzzFeed News reported Tuesday.

The virus has sickened over 80,000 people and claimed 2,700 lives.

"And as the coronavirus outbreak has spread to 38 countries, triggering concerns about a global pandemic, CDC officials warned on Tuesday that they expect the virus to spread to the US, and told US businesses and schools to prepare," BuzzFeed noted. "The news raises questions about whether the coronavirus outbreak could interrupt the lead-up to the biggest national event of the year: the 2020 election."

There are also worries about coronavirus impacting this summer's national conventions.

"When asked about whether they had any contingency plans for this year’s Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July, which is run by the DNC and typically features thousands of delegates and party members, they declined to comment. (The Republican National Committee did not respond to similar questions about planning for their August convention in Charlotte)," BuzzFeed noted.

The DNC did comment on the closing of polling places in Shanghai and Beijing.

"Our number one concern is to ensure all eligible voters are able to make their voices heard without jeopardizing anyone's health and safety,” DNC spokesperson Maya Hixson said. “Democrats Abroad has robust systems in place so that members can still exercise their right to vote, and we are working with them as the situation develops."