Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden eviscerate Bloomberg on his nondisclosure agreements with women over harassment
Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren (Photo: Screen capture)

Women who have worked for Michael Bloomberg's companies have had nondisclosure agreements that bar then from discussing the complaints they had against either Bloomberg himself or male employees of his companies. During the debate, the former New York City mayor was hammered for refusing to allow those women out of the NDAs.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren blasted him first, demanding to know the number of women that signed NDAs and how many of them have been released. Bloomberg dodged the inquiry, but Warren refused to let him escape.

"How many is that?" she asked.

"Let me finish," he snapped.

"How many?" she probed again.

After Warren spoke, former Vice President Joe Biden gave props to Mayor Pete Buttigieg who was bound by an NDA and worked to get out of it because to him transparency was important. He then explained that the way these NDAs work is that the women should have the power to release themselves from it.

Watch the video below: