Embattled AG Bill Barr warns of ‘cycle of violence’ if the public lacks trust in law enforcement
Bill Barr (CNN/screen grab)

The Attorney General of the United States has been facing a credibility crisis after paraphrasing special counsel Robert Mueller's report in a manner that was later revealed to be completely misleading.

Since then, Barr's credibility problems have continued to grow as his critics say his actions show him acting like the president's defense counsel, instead of the top law enforcement official in America.

The critics worried that such action would undermine the legitimacy of the DOJ among the majority of Americans who do not approve of the president's conduct in office.

Barr seemed to admit such a dynamic exists during a Monday speech to the National Sheriff's Association when he noted the shooting of two New York City Police Department officers.

"And they come against a backdrop of cynicism and disrespect toward law enforcement that has propelled a cycle of violence and distrust between police officers and the communities they serve," Barr warned.

"This is a very disturbing trend. Without trust between the public and the police, all of us will be less safe," he admitted.

"It is therefore incumbent on everyone to work together to reverse this trend," Barr urged.