Florida residents overwhelmingly vote to keep Trump's name off their buildings
A worker tears down President Donald Trump's name from the Trump International Hotel in Panama (Screen cap).

Residents at a condominium complex in West Palm Beach voted overwhelmingly this week to keep President Donald Trump's name off their buildings.

The Palm Beach Post reports that residents of the Trump Plaza condominium buildings on Monday rejected a motion to restore the "Trump" name to the complex by a vote of 178 to 20.

Signs bearing the Trump name had been on the buildings since 1991, although they came down for cleaning and maintenance in 2017. When it came time for residents to decide to put them back up, they decided against it by massive margins.

One resident at the condo complex tells the Palm Beach Post that the president's polarizing nature and repeated racist statements are "not good for us," regardless of whether residents are Republicans or Democrats.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the signs attracted unwanted attention from both supporters and opponents of the president alike.

"Some Trump fans pull up to the base of the complex for pictures, while people who take to the streets to protest Trump sometimes assembled near the complex, making it a magnet for protesters’ ire," the paper writes.

Multiple Trump-branded properties have removed his name since his election in 2016, as many buildings want to avoid being magnets for political controversy.