Former RNC spokesman goes down in flames after he tells CNN that Mitch McConnell stands up to Trump
Former RNC spokesman Kevin Sheridan appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Kevin Sheridan, a former Republican National Committee spokesman and adviser to Sen. Mitt Romney's (R-UT) 2012 presidential campaign, crashed and burned during a CNN segment in which he claimed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) regularly stands up to President Donald Trump.

During a segment about Mitt Romney's ouster from conservative circles in the wake of his vote to convict President Donald Trump of abusing his power, CNN's Jim Sciutto asked Sheridan what Republican lawmakers other than the junior senator from Utah are actually willing to stand up to the president.

"People in the party do regularly stand up an say something," he said.

"Who?" Sciutto asked.

"Well, senators constantly are saying this," he replied.

"Name senators besides Mitt Romney," said conservative political strategist Tara Setmayer.

"Uh, Mitch McConnell, a lot of these senators, have come out and said when he tweets something..." he began.

"Mitch McConnell challenges the president regularly?!" said an incredulous Sciutto. "Mitch McConnell?!"

"Look, the problem I think you're not acknowledging here is that the Republican voters have decided that they are with the president on most of these issues and they don't have the same problem with his level of vitriol that many in the media do, many Republicans do," Sheridan explained.

Watch the video below.