Gambling website bets Trump can't go 45 seconds without lying during his State of the Union
President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address.

The online gambling site Bookmaker.Eu is pretty confident that President Trump can't go 45 seconds without making a false statement -- so confident that the over/under is 6.5 and the payout is -110, meaning bettors can wager on whether Trump will say something untrue more or less than six times, winning a dollar for every $1.10 wagered.

In order to determine which statements Trump makes that are false, the Antigua-based gambling company will refer to the Washington Post's fact checkers.

“Last year President Trump stuck to the script and yet he still blew past our total of 3.5 false statements,” Bookmaker.Eu numbers-cruncher Angus Daglass told the New York Daily News.

“This year the Republicans are pleading with him to stick to the script, but the wildcard with President Trump has always been his lack of self-control," he added. "With the pending acquittal he may be prone to over confidence and swagger, and think the odds of him getting through the State of Union Address without a false or misleading statement are conservatively set at 100 to 1.”

The website is also betting that Trump will bring up his impeachment at some point during his address.