German mass shooter called for killing people of color -- and says Trump stole his ideas
Man carries AR-15. Image via Shutterstock.

A man who killed nine people in a mass shooting in Germany published a racist manifesto in which he identified as an "incel" and called for killing all non-whites in the country.

Insider reports that 43-year-old Tobias Rathjen, whom police say went on a shooting rampage in the town of Hanhau on Wednesday night, published a 24-page manifesto on his personal website that outlined his racist beliefs.

"The man calls for the peoples of a large number of North African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries to be 'completely destroyed' on the basis that they are biologically inferior," Insider reports.

Rathjen also accuses President Donald Trump of stealing his ideas.

"A billionaire in the USA is implementing my policy recommendation (even some slogans I developed like 'America First, Buy American and Hire American',)" the manifesto states.

On top of all this, the man identified as an "incel," which means that he is involuntarily celibate.

Rathjen targeted minority populations during his shooting spree, and his victims were mainly people of Turkish and Kurdish descent, Insider reports.