‘I don’t think he saw her’: Fox & Friends defends Trump snubbing Pelosi at State of the Union
Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi

President Donald Trump's stunning snub of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union – ignoring her outstretched hand and refusing to shake it – had countless Americans outraged, spurring co-hosts on "Fox & Friends" to rush to his defense.

As the President stood at the podium Tuesday night, he picked up the two large envelopes containing copies of his speech. He pivoted around, handing one to Vice President Mike Pence, and the second to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In response, Pelosi stretched out her hand. Trump ignored it then pivoted back to look at the audience.

"I don't think he saw her," Steve Doocy says.

"I don't think he saw her either," Ainsley Earhardt echoes. "He turned very fast. He handed her the speech then turned around, very fast."

Media Matters' Bobby Lewis notes defending Trump came at "the very start of the show," suggesting it was top of the agenda for the "Fox & Friends" crew.