Michael Bloomberg 'lost everything' in Las Vegas: MSNBC analyst
Michael Bloomberg, photo by Ralph Alswang

Senior editor for "The Root," Jason Johnson, concluded that the biggest loser of the Democratic debate in Las Vegas Wednesday was Michael Bloomberg, but not merely because of his debate performance.

"The big new name was going to be Michael Bloomberg," he said. "This was probably the most expensive night in Vegas I've ever seen. He lost everything. This guy has spent $320 million. He had the opportunity to stand on stage, and appear to be an equal, and he looked bored. He looked disenchanted. He stumbled over obvious questions that anybody would have anticipated about sexual harassment and stop and frisk. I thought it was a bad night for him."

He went on to say that he anticipated Bloomberg would probably be doubling the salaries of any staffers in the post-debate spin-room to defend him after the night he had.

"The most critical question tonight was when the moderator asked if someone has the delegates but doesn't hit the threshold, does that make them the nominee? Everybody said no, but Bernie Sanders."

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