Mike Bloomberg ripped President Obama in 2016 for failing to bridge racial divisions: ‘That’s his job’
Composite image. New York, NY - January 15, 2020: Mike Bloomberg Democratic Presidential candidate arrives for Mike Bloomberg 2020 launch Women for Mike at Sheraton New York. Barack Obama (screengrab)

Yet another video has been recently unearthed showing Michael Bloomberg making eyebrow-raising comments about racism in America.

The comments, uncovered by HuffPost, were made when Bloomberg addressed Oxford University in England in November of 2016.

"I would argue that today we are more segregated, in America certainly, than we were, in terms of race, than we were a dozen years ago, and yet we’re just finishing up eight years with our first black president. 'Why are we more separated than we were before?' is the question you’ve got to ask yourself," Bloomberg argued.

"Why, during the Obama administration, didn’t we pull together? Ask the president. That’s his job really, to pull people together," he declared.