New Hampshire 2020 results may not mean anything -- for two very important reasons
San Francisco, CA - August 23, 2019: Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar speaking at the Democratic National Convention summer session in San Francisco, California.

During a segment on CNN this Monday in the run up to the New Hampshire primary, host Jim Sciutto wondered about the "makeup" of the state.

"If you look at New Hampshire's demographics compared to the country's, New Hampshire, like Iowa, is very white," Sciutto said, addressing Politico reporter Trent Spiner. "... Is that something that bolsters [Joe Biden's] argument that these races are not representative, so they should not be the final word -- let's wait until we get to more diverse environs such as South Carolina?"

"New Hampshire is one of the oldest, whitest, and richest states in the entire country," Spiner replied. "The other thing is that in terms of voters ... most of them are undeclared, which means they can walk into the polling place today and they can pick a Democratic ballot or Republican ballot, and so it's very hard -- I mean, New Hampshire is absolutely not representative of the rest of the country."

Watch the full segment below: