'No one prevents a witness who can exonerate them from testifying': Legal experts respond to acquittal vote of Trump

It was never expected that President Donald Trump would be acquitted by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate for his crimes and the attempts to cover up his behavior by denying subpoenas.

While the impeachment trial is over, it's likely that hearings will continue. Given the conflicting arguments by the White House that impeachment are the only way subpoenas are valid, and also that the House should have used the courts to enforce subpoenas, it's likely that the House will continue to fight in court to obtain denied documents form the White House. The goal from the Trump legal team has been to stall as much as possible through the election.

As one former federal prosecutor predicted, the subpoenas will likely fly:

Lawyers and legal scholars on Twitter responded to the acquittal vote with their own thoughts. You can see below: