'Only going to get worse': CNN's Avlon drops the hammer on GOP for letting Trump get away with extortion
CNN's John Avlon (Screen cap).

CNN's John Avlon on Monday delivered a brutal reality check for Republicans who believe that President Donald Trump will avoid shaking down foreign governments now that he's been through the ordeal of impeachment.

In particular, Avlon hammered Republicans for making excuses for the president's scheme to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate his political opponents, especially when the president has made it very clear that he feels no regret or remorse for his actions.

In one particularly damning example, he played a clip of Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) saying she believed that Trump had learned his lesson after being impeached -- and then showed her backtracking mere days later after the president continued insisting that he did nothing wrong, even going so far as to call himself a "perfect president" in a fundraising email.

"I hoped that the president would have learned," Collins told Fox News.

"I've got bad news for her because it's only going to get worse," Avlon replied. "Her fellow Republicans are advancing the very investigation that got Trump impeached for trying to push secretly, all to damage a political rival!"

Watch the video below.