'Only thing I can say to that is bless your heart': Republican blasts Trump's attacks on Pelosi prayers
Conservative faith leaders pray for President Donald Trump (Twitter)

Republican commentator Amanda Carpenter dropped what is generally referred to as a "southern slight" when responding to President Donald Trump's attacks on those who pray for him even if they don't like him.

Trump attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a devout Catholic, during the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday, saying that he doesn't believe that she prays for him.

"It makes me sad," Carpenter said. "If Donald Trump has faith, he had a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate it at the State of the Union when Nancy Pelosi tried to shake his hand. That would have shown grace. That would have shown he's above it all, but he's not. He doubled down."

But Carpenter draws the line at someone questioning another's faith.

"To do this as president, to say that he questioned someone else's faith, people of faith pray for leaders," she continued. "We pray for America to prevail and show goodness in the world. And he's questioning that. Why wouldn't he say, 'thank you very much?' So the only thing I can say to that is 'bless your heart.'"

The often-used phrase can have two meanings, one is a genuine blessing out of concern and the other is a condescension. Carpenter seems to be combining both in this case.

She went on to tell the evangelical community to "look in the mirror." She quoted Jerry Fallwell Jr., who said that there was nothing Trump could do that would endanger support from him or the evangelical community.

"Does everyone else say no too?" asked Carpenter. "This can't be. I loved what Arthur Brooks did at the National Prayer Breakfast here he stood up and said, 'raise your hand if you love someone that disagrees with you politically.' Most people raised their hands, except Trump. He is the outlier. People of faith need to stand up to this and point it out. And if he is an outlier then so be it."

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