Pastor who prayed over Trump promises to ‘curse’ the coronavirus to save Florida

Evangelical pastor and die-hard Trump supporter Rodney Howard-Browne claims that he rid Florida of the Zika virus. Now he's saying he can do the same thing to the coronavirus.

In a video posted to his Periscope earlier this week, Howard-Browne talked about how he dealt with the Zika virus, and how the coronavirus will suffer the same fate under his watch.

“And we disturbed [the Zika virus], declared we cursed that thing in the name of Jesus and Zika disappeared," he said.

"We are doing the same thing with the Coronavirus," he added. "We do not need it on these shores, and obviously — somebody said ‘Well what about the rest of the world?’ I can’t be responsible for every city or whatever.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch: