Professional conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims to have secret info that Trump will pardon Roger Stone
Alex Jones yelling (Raw Story)

InfoWars host Alex Jones said on Tuesday that he had inside information that President Donald Trump plans to pardon Roger Stone, his long time friend and adviser, for the crimes he was charged with as a part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

"I talked to somebody that had been inside the White House and they said that Trump is going to pardon Roger Stone but that he’s going to do it after he’s sentenced and that the president was really upset at the seven-to-nine year number," Jones said on his show.

He continued: "I did talk to somebody this morning who was there inside the White House meetings dealing with it. And they said, 'Hey, we're just giving you a call, the president is pardoning Stone, so you can go tell people that.' So I said, 'I can say that?' 'Yeah, just don’t say we told you.' And here I am, two hours and fifty-something minutes into the show and I’m just now telling you. Good. How about more of that. How about more action, and less BS."

Jones is far from the most reliable source on these issues. He has been ordered to pay $100,000 in legal fees after he was sued for spreading conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook shooting, and his outlet is full of fringe right-wing theories.

But Trump has also seen him as an ideological ally, so it's not hard to imagine that he could have access to sources within the White House. And many have believed that Trump would eventually like to pardon his allies, like Stone, who were caught up in the Russia investigation. Since Trump had just been acquitted in his impeachment trial by the Senate, he may be feeling so emboldened that he's willing to give a pardon to a close friend, even if he was clearly guilty of the crimes from which he was found guilty.