Senate Republicans have to stay in the Trump cult to survive: conservative columnist

In a piece published at the Washington Post this Tuesday, columnist Jennifer Rubin referred to Rep. Adam Schiff's (D-CA) closing argument in President Trump's impeachment trial, writing that it's "heart-wrenching" to know that his "appeals to truth and decency, and his insistence on the difference between right and wrong, are foreign and unintelligible to a Senate Republican majority that has convicted itself of intellectual and moral sloth."

Schiff made one last ditch appeal to Republicans, telling them not to convict Trump "because truth or right or decency matters nothing to him, but because we have proven our case, and it matters to you."

"Truth matters to you," Schiff said, addressing Senate Republicans. "Right matters to you. You are decent. He is not who you are."

But Rubin thinks Schiff is "dead wrong" in that characterization.

"Senate Republicans think their seats, their position of power, their earning potential, their friendships and their futures require them to align themselves with Trump," Rubin writes. "Jettisoning all that to do the right thing and vindicate truth and decency is unimaginable."

"Simply put, their entire self-worth and career aspirations depend upon staying firmly within the cult," she continues. "These are not inner-directed people, needless to say."

Read her full piece over at The Washington Post.