Shady Hawaiian company mysteriously funnels $150K to super PAC helping Susan Collins's campaign
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) -- (Photo: screenshot)

A company based in Hawaii has taken a mysterious interest in Maine politics.

The Daily Beast reports that a company that was founded this past November called the Society of Young Women Scientist and Engineers LLC has funneled $150,000 to the 1820 PAC, a super PAC that is helping Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) battle through what is projected to be a tough reelection race.

The company does not have any website or any presence on social media, and its address is listed as just a P.O. box rather than at a physical location.

"All of that suggests that the Society of Young Women Scientist and Engineers was set up for the sole purpose of making political contributions, according to the Campaign Legal Center, which filed a complaint on Monday asking the Federal Election Commission to investigate its December contribution to 1820 PAC, which was named after the year Maine was founded," The Daily Beast reports.

In a formal legal complaint against the company, the Campaign Legal Center argues that it is likely a front for an illegal straw donation designed to keep the source of money benefiting the Collins campaign a secret.

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