Super Bowl viewers disgusted by 'gaslighting' Trump campaign ad: 'He's trying to prove he's not racist'
Kanye West hugging Trump (Photo: Wall Street Journal reporter Vivian Salama/Twitter)

One of President Donald Trump's campaign ads was released ahead of the Super Bowl, but the second was held back as a kind of surprise to viewers. Those who saw it were not only surprised but disgusted.

Interestingly, two Fox commercials ran on either side of it, so no other companies had to touch his ads.

The ad talked about thanks to Trump's criminal justice reform; families are being reunited. It's an odd brag because Trump has spent the last few years taking children from their parents on the border and putting the children in holding pens with little food, water, clothing, baby supplies, medical attention, or even adequate bathrooms.

The criminal justice reform law has been part of what Trump claims he has done the best, but he wasn't exactly the one who came up with the idea, lobbied for it, and got it past the House and Senate. He's merely the one who signed it into law and held a huge press conference around it. Trump's actual criminal justice policies involve more policing and supporting officers so they can shoot anyone they want.

As Wesley Lowery pointed out, the same people Trump supposedly released from prison for ridiculous low-level offenses, his Justice Department is now trying to keep those people in prison.

Others noted the hypocrisy that Trump ranted at black players for bringing their politics into football, but now he's doing exactly that with his campaign ads.

BraveNewFilms did their own ad responding to it.

Mike Bloomberg was the only other Democrat to spring for an ad.

You can see the responses to it below: