Texas dispute ends in gunfire : 'Over some toys, my brother got shot?'
Police crime scene tape at shooting incident (Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Carlos Chapa was caught in gunfire at a Dallas, Texas Dave and Busters Sunday afternoon as two people fought over a stuffed animal, the DFW CBS affiliate reported.

In what has become increasingly more common, a dispute was decided by guns when two arguing groups took their fight outside. The second thy exited, one group turned and opened fire.

“So I pick him up and drag him all the way through the whole building, around the corner and everything… ripped his pants, took off my belt, wrapped it around his thigh because I saw he was hit in the leg,” said Dr. Chapa's brother Emiliana.

He then wrapped his brother's leg and elevated it until the ambulance arrived.

One person involved in the fight approached the two men to apologize.

“I tell him, 'Right now, it’s not the time you need to speed up that tongue because… you’re apologizing, are you the one?’" Chapa recalled. "He was like, ‘No, they were aiming at me,’ and then he said that it was all over a stupid animal… Stuffed animal, toys. So I tell him, ‘You’re telling me over some toys, my brother got shot?”

One suspect has been arrested, though their name wasn't released.

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