'That's crazy!' CNN host stunned by new revelations about Trump OMB's Ukraine coverup
CNN's Brianna Keilar (Screen cap).

Newly released emails have shed new light on the Trump Office of Management and Budget's attempted coverup of the Ukraine scandal -- and they left CNN's Brianna Keilar stunned.

As CNN national security correspondent Vivian Salama explained, the new emails show that "the OMB knew the Pentagon had concerns for months about the fact that President Trump and his administration was withholding aid from Ukraine."

In fact, Salama said, Pentagon officials "repeatedly" told the OMB that their hold on the aid to Ukraine was potentially in violation of the law -- and the OMB responded by "wiping it under the rug" and hiding the Pentagon's concerns. The emails also show that the OMB "misled the Government Accountability Office," which recently determined that the administration did break the law by withholding the aid.

"That's crazy!" Keilar replied. "Misleading the GAO!"

"Ultimately, this boils down to a lot of issues that House Democrats were flagging during the impeachment inquiry," Salama continued. "OMB was not releasing documents to help them in the investigation, and [Democrats were] saying they wanted to see this information because they felt there's still so much that we don't know."

Watch the video below.