'The level of humor below dad jokes': Mike Bloomberg's latest attempt to troll Trump gets brutally panned
Michael Bloomberg (Photo: Screen capture)

Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been trying to troll President Donald Trump this week by putting up billboards that mock the president in cities where he's been scheduled to hold rallies.

However, the content of those billboards is apparently leaving a lot to be desired.

Among other things, the billboards mock Trump for cheating at golf and for liking "burnt steak," a reference to reports that the president likes to eat steaks well done with ketchup.

But given all the many stronger reasons to criticize the president -- ranging from his regular race baiting, to his policy of separating migrant families, to his attempts to solicit foreign governments to help win reelection -- many Twitter users quickly panned the Bloomberg campaign for pulling such a lame stunt.

Check out some responses below.