There should be universal 'dismay and disgust' at Roger Stone's actions: Judge Amy Berman Jackson
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture)

Judge Amy Berman Jackson delivered quite the lecture to Trump ally Roger Stone during his sentencing hearing on Thursday.

Shortly before sentencing the longtime right-wing dirty trickster, Jackson delivered a blistering condemnation of Stone's efforts to lie to investigators and intimidate witnesses, all to cover up the truth about his efforts to make contact with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential election.

"The defendant lied about a matter of great national and international significance," she said. "This is not campaign hijinks. This is not just Roger being Roger."

She also expressed astonishment that anyone would be calling for Stone to be pardoned despite being convicted on seven counts that included perjury, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice. She also said that Stone's assault on the truth was "a threat to our most fundamental institutions, to the very foundation of our democracy."

"The dismay and disgust at the defendant’s belligerence should transcend party," she added.