'They can't win unless they cheat': Internet blasts Republicans for blocking three 2020 election security bills

Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked three bills that would help with election security on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Louisiana Parishes have been hit with infected software.

“He told me we’d been infected by ransomware and to ask all 14 of my employees not to go into the office or try to access any of their files,” said clerk Jeffrey Skidmore said about his IT company confirming the hack. “I was stunned. We had an election in six days.”

Bloomberg News reported that the ransomware attack on the parishes happened just prior to another hack of the state of Louisiana.

"Just days after a contentious Nov. 16 election, the winner, incumbent Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, announced that state computer networks had suffered a massive ransomware attack, shutting down email communication and paralyzing the Office of Motor Vehicles, among other critical agencies," Bloomberg News reported.

At the same time, President Donald Trump and other Republicans have lambasted Democrats for the disaster of the Iowa Caucus, but they still refuse to focus on making elections safe.

It was something the internet was furious about and went on full attack against Republicans for refusing to protect the sanctity of the American vote.

See the tweets below: