Trump bizarrely proclaims leading political scientist is wrong when he says he will remain president
President Donald Trump pointing (MSNBC)

In a bizarre turn, President Donald Trump seems to be disagreeing with political scientist Larry Sabato, who recently tweeted that Trump would likely remain in office.

"And Trump will still be President," Sabato tweeted.

Trump seemed to disagree.

"Sabato got it all wrong last time, never came close to understanding the Trump Voter. Actually it’s simple, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and then, KEEP AMERICA GREAT!"

Sabato then retweeted a Sabato tweet from the impeachment vote, noting that it was a bipartisan vote to convict, but not to acquit.

Trump replied to it with another puzzling tweet.

"@LarrySabato is much better at giving you the answer after everything is finished and the final result is in, than he is at telling you what is going to happen because, in fact, he doesn’t have a clue!" Trump said.

It's unknown why Trump is attacking someone for predicting he'll win.