Trump campaign cuts video attacking 'secret asset' Mitt Romney -- who isn't even up for re-election
Donald Trump and Mitt Romney (Twitter)

President Donald Trump is so furious at Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) that he's already cut an attack ad against the Utah Senator four years before his election.

Romney, who was elected in 2018, got an astounding 62.6 percent in one of the worst years for Republicans in a decade. Trump, by contrast, won Utah in 2016 with less than 50 percent of the vote (45 percent).

But Trump demands loyalty and with one vote, Romney was able to deliver the only bipartisan impeachment conviction vote in history.

The video from Trump's team calls Romney "slippery, slick, [and] stealthy," claiming that he was lying when he complimented Trump's hotels. He even accused Romney of being a spy who tried to infiltrate the Trump administration in 2017.

Polls show Utah voters are far less supportive of Trump than in many other red states, which may be a consequence of devout Mormons disapproving of his personal conduct.

The vote by Romney was not expected by the White House, yet, the video below was not produced Wednesday, according to Politico reporter Nancy Cook. That would mean the video was prepared ahead of time so they would have it ready if Romeny abandoned Trump at any point.

It's unknown if the White House has other videos for Republicans like Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski ready to attack the senators too.

You can see the attack ad below: