Trump campaign ejects Bloomberg News reporter from Iowa rally: report
President Donald Trump welcomed a court decision that allows military funds to be used to build the US-Mexico border wall (AFP Photo/CHIP SOMODEVILLA)

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that President Donald Trump's campaign ejected Jennifer Jacobs, a reporter for Bloomberg News, out of a campaign event in Iowa.

The decision, according to the report, is in accordance with the campaign's "pledge no longer to approve credentials for the news organization."

Trump cracked down on credentials for the organization as its CEO, Michael Bloomberg, has mounted a campaign for president and blanketed the airwaves across the country with advertisements slamming the president.

The president's relationship with the press has always been among the most hostile of any modern chief executive, with Trump repeatedly referring to reporters as "enemies of the people" and advocating that America should "open up libel laws" to allow politicians to retaliate against reporters who cover them. His White House previously drew controversy for revoking the press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, a move that was blocked by a federal judge he had appointed.