Trump demands two female Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from all of his cases: ‘I only ask for fairness’
Official portrait of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

The president of the United States on Monday demanded two Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from all cases related to his interests.

Donald Trump made his demand while visiting India.

Trump quoted Fox News personality Laura Ingraham as saying Justice Sonia Sotomayor "accuses GOP appointed justices of being biased in favor of Trump."

"This is a terrible thing to say," Trump argued.

The president did not see the comments as a warning of justices who were not acting impartially but instead said Sotomayor was trying to "shame" fellow justices into voting her way.

He then also lashed out at Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

"She never criticized Justice Ginsberg when she called me a 'faker'. Both should recuse themselves on all Trump, or Trump related, matters!" Trump demanded, complete with an exclamation mark.

"While 'elections have consequences', I only ask for fairness, especially when it comes to decisions made by the United States Supreme Court," Trump claimed.