Trump denies he told Bill Barr to change Roger Stone sentencing -- but he could if he wanted: CNN
Donald Trump speaks from The Oval Office inside the White House (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump denied that he told the Justice Department to change Roger Stone's sentencing guidelines that encouraged Stone to spend seven to nine years in prison. Trump unleashed on Twitter in response.

"He is denying that he got involved and asked them to change that sentencing recommendation," CNN's Katlin Collins reported Tuesday afternoon.

It's an interesting claim because the president issued a tweet about it that his White House has said is an "official statement" from the president. That tweet is still available online.

"The president does not agree with it, and is calling it disgraceful and an insult and talking about this in the Oval Office with reporters in a few moments ago" she reported, noting that they didn't expect to be brought into the Oval Office today.

"One thing, he is not saying whether or not he would commute Roger Stone's sentence, whatever he is supposed to get next week or pardon him, but we know that the sources are telling us that is something that the president is considering for months and reported it back in November and essentially what the president is deciding, against the advisers and the friends of Roger Stone, to pardon him."

According to the Justice Department spokesperson, the demand to change Stone's sentencing came before Trump's tweet. So, either Bill Barr was doing it on Stone's behalf or Trump outright lied.

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