Trump goes on technologically illiterate rant about Dems' Iowa caucus debacle: 'They fried their votes on computer!'
President Donald Trump during “chopper talk” on the South Lawn of the White House as he departed for Florida (screengrab)

President Donald Trump on Friday tried taunting Democrats for their horrifically botched Iowa caucus, but he wound up going on a bizarre and technologically illiterate rant.

"I think they fried their votes on computer!" the president said, likely referring to the failed mobile app that the party used to report vote tallies from Monday's caucus. "Think of it, all the money that the Democrats spent, and the votes are fried. They have no idea who won!"

The president then boasted about his own vote totals in the Republican Iowa caucus where he was an incumbent facing no serious opposition.

"Trump won!" he bragged.

Watch the video below.