Trump has benefitted from an 'alternative-reality bubble' that's isolated his base from inconvenient information: op-ed
WILKES-BARRE, PA - AUGUST 2, 2018: President Trump on stage reacts as he listens to congressman Lou Barletta speak to the crowd at his campaign rally.

If you thought that recent news about President Trump's "fleecing" of tax payers by charging his own Secret Service exorbitant fees for staying at his properties would sway his die-hard supporters, you'd be wrong. When it comes to the evidence surrounding Trump's dealings with Ukraine didn't matter, or his politicization of the National Prayer Breakfast, or the trade war fallout -- the probability of any of this mattering to Trump’s base "ranges from 'impossible' to 'no effing way,'" writes Charles Sykes in a new piece for The Bulwark.

"Because we know that Trump has benefited from an alternative-reality bubble that has effectively isolated many of his supporters from inconvenient information," Sykes continues.

He then cited two emails he recently received as examples of the "challenges of breaking through the Trumpian bubble."

The first email was from a person who claimed there's a 'marked regression in knowledge of what’s going on politically during the Trump administration," when it comes to journalism. Sykes included the email in a previous newsletter, and it prompted another email response, this time from a person who cited a recent conversation with a Trump supporter who praised the President for saving the taxpayers money and rescuing the American people from the "leeches and layabouts are no longer stealing from 'us.'" The Trump supporter, whose name was "Roger," apparently had no idea about the "Ukraine thing."

"And now, we all live in Roger’s world," Sykes writes.

Read his full op-ed over at The Bulwark.