Trump-loving conspiracy nut faces years in prison after pleading guilty to terrorism charge

A follower of QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory that claims the president is secretly working to uncover a global pedophile ring, is facing years in prison after pleading guilty to terrorism charges.

The Arizona Republic reports that 32-year-old QAnon disciple Matthew Wright has pleaded guilty to charges of making a terroristic threat, aggravated assault, and fleeing from police.

Wright in 2018 drove a homemade armored truck and used it to block traffic on a bridge located near the Hoover Dam in Nevada. At the time of his arrest, Wright was armed with an AR-15 rifle, a handgun, and multiple magazines of ammunition. Witnesses told police that they saw Wright waving his weapons outside of his vehicle.

After an hour-long standoff with police, Wright eventually exited his armored truck and was placed under arrest.

After his arrest, Wright indicated that he had blocked the bridge as a way to push President Donald Trump to release the inspector general's report on the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.

The Arizona Republic writes that "under state sentencing guidelines, [Wright's] presumptive sentence would amount to less than a decade in prison."