Trump wants to invest big in nuclear weapons: report
North Korea launched four ballistic missiles in March and many analysts fear the reclusive state could be preparing another nuclear or missile test (AFP Photo/)

President Donald Trump wants to dramatically increase spending on nuclear weapons, according to his new budget proposal.

Axios reported Sunday evening, after seeing an advanced copy, that there is a major increase in the budget for the arsenal.

"Trump's 2021 budget calls for $28.9 billion for the Pentagon to modernize nuclear delivery systems and $19.8 billion to the National Nuclear Security Administration — a nearly 20% increase over his previous budget request — for 'modernizing the nuclear weapons stockpile,'" Axios cited those familiar with the budget request.

"This includes a range of warhead life extension programs, investments in new scientific tools we need to maintain a safe, effective and reliable nuclear stockpile into the future," Axios cited a source, "a major increase for maintenance and upgrade to a long-neglected and aging infrastructure, and funding to restore the nation's capability to develop new nuclear warheads."

The United States already has over 6,000 nuclear weapons, but it has fewer than Russia, according to a Arms Control fact sheet.

Political leaders have warned that the existing nuclear systems are reaching the "end of their service lives," cited defense budget expert Makensie Eaglen, at the American Enterprise Institute.

"We keep putting bandaids over bandaids, and now new systems are required," Eaglen said.

Trump believes in nuclear modernization, according to a source familiar with the budget.

A study published by Michigan Tech explained that it would take just 100 nuclear weapons to completely end humanity.

The United States is facing off against Russia, North Korea and Iran after Trump broke nuclear treaties and failed to negotiate peace with Kim Jong Un.

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