Trump will blow coronavirus response by reacting like 'a guy on a bar stool': WSJ columnist
Angry Donald Trump yells at reporters at the White House following Robert Mueller's testimony (screen grab)

Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger argues that President Donald Trump's response to a potential coronavirus pandemic could expose some real political weaknesses in the coming months.

In particular, he writes that the president's erratic temperament and habit for sending out crazed tweets are going to wear very thin at a time when the virus is causing the stock market to crash and raising major public health concerns.

"If the virus expands in the U.S., both the content and the quality of the response will be on President Trump," he writes. "As such, the coronavirus could be the issue on which Mr. Trump finally blows himself up with Twitter."

Henninger fears that Trump's lack of impulse control will make it all too easy for political opponents to "goad Mr. Trump into a low-grade Twitter spat, which will look as if he thinks the coronavirus is about him, not the American people."

The biggest question, he writes, is whether Trump can "manage the coronavirus in a way that doesn’t sound like a guy on a bar stool."

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