Trump's dead of night tweet bashing his own DOJ leads many to say he's going to pardon Roger Stone – and Flynn and Manafort
Donald Trump on the phone in Air Force One (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Is President Donald Trump paving the way to pardon his best buddies, the former campaign advisors who helped him win the White House?

The answer to that question may be in a tweet Trump posted in the dead of night. Clearly something was bothering him at 1:48 AM, nearly an hour after he had returned to the White House from his short New Hampshire MAGA rally.

"This is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side, as nothing happens to them. Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!" Trump tweeted, responding to a tweet from a reporter for a far right wing website lamenting the 7 to 9 year sentence federal prosecutors are asking a judge impose on Roger Stone.

Don't let that "Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!" go unnoticed. It was written by the only person who literally can change that.

Stone, of course, is the self-described "dirty trickster" who has been best buddies with Donald Trump for decades. For a short time he was also a campaign advisor to Trump.

And Trump is literally bashing his own DOJ, whether he realizes it or not.

Many have long believed there is a pardon waiting to be drafted for Stone. Many also believe there's one waiting for Mike Flynn, Trump's off-the-rails disgraced former National Security Advisor, and one for Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

At least eight of Trump's associates have been convicted of crimes since he became President.

So, are there pardons waiting in the wings?

Many say yes.