Trump’s new personnel chief orders ‘purge’ of all never-Trumpers from federal agencies: Report
Johnny McEntee

Ordered to "Purge the 'Bad People' and 'Deep State'"

President Donald Trump has re-hired Johnny McEntee into a new role. His former body man, who reportedly "was forced from his job in 2018 over gambling debts that threatened his security clearance" but went to work for the Trump re-election campaign, is now the head of the White House personnel office.

McEntee's first order of business is targeting and purging "Never-Trumpers" – any government employee not loyal to President Trump.

"McEntee called in White House liaisons from cabinet agencies for an introductory meeting Thursday, in which he asked them to identify political appointees across the U.S. government who are believed to be anti-Trump," Axios reports.

But this is just the first step.

"McEntee suggested the most dramatic changes may have to wait until after the November election."

"Trump has empowered McEntee — whom he considers an absolute loyalist — to purge the 'bad people' and 'Deep State.'"